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Israeli and American feature films, Yiddish classics, documentaries, dramatic shorts, independent films, and award-winning titles are all celebrated on JBS. Since movies available on the network change frequently, films listed below are representative of those currently being telecast. For a listing of JBS movies airing now, please visit our Schedule page.
Apt Pupil Apt Pupil
Learning about the Holocaust in high school, a student recognizes a photographed concentration camp officer as an old man living in his neighborhood. Starring Sir Ian McKellen and the late Brad Renfro.
Aya: An Imagined Autobiography Aya: An Imagined Autobiography
Michal Bat-Adam plays a woman driven so hard and long by her father to become successful that her life breaks down into a mixture of dream fragments, fantasy, and reality. (Hebrew with English subtitles)
The Governess The Governess
Minnie Driver plays a young Jewish woman of privileged means who, following her father's death, passes herself off as a gentile and seeks employment with a family in Scotland. A passionate and secret love affair soon begins. Film festival award-winner.
The Hero The Hero
Richard Harris is an aging soccer player who encounters a 12 year-old fan striking out to find his hero in this Golden Globe nominated picture for best English-language foreign film. Based on the novel Bloomfield. (In English and Hebrew, with English subtitles)
I Never Sang I Never Sang For My Father
Gene Hackman plays a New York professor hoping to change his life by marrying his girlfriend and moving to California. He struggles with the wishes of a controlling father (Melvyn Douglas) who has already disowned his daughter for marrying a Jew.
Imported Bridegroom Imported Bridegroom
Nostalgic Jewish romance about Asriel, a turn-of-the-century rich Boston widower who returns to the old country looking for spiritual nourishment. Based on a story by Jewish Daily Forward editor Abraham Cahan. The movie is accompanied by an interview with filmmaker Pamela Berger on the making of "Imported Bridegroom."
Jolly Paupers Jolly Paupers
In this Yiddish musical comedy, famous comic duo Dzigan and Shumacher play two small-town entrepreneurs who believe they have struck oil in a local field. The whole town finds out and thus begins a comedy of errors. (Yiddish with English subtitles)
Last Winter The Last Winter
The wives of two soldiers missing in action after the Yom Kippur war each think the same blurred image in a foreign newsreel is her husband. Starring Kathleen Quinlan.
Main Suspect Main Suspect
Leftist filmmaker Yaky Yosha follows Major General Alik Ron, chief of police in Galilee, who was questioned on the deaths of twelve Israeli Arabs in clashes related to the Al Aqsa Intifada.
Making a Killing Making A Killing
Compelling detective story about one family's 50-year quest to recover their missing art collection, set against a background of murder, greed, and corruption.
My Brother's Wedding My Brother's Wedding
When Boston director Daniel Akiba's brother Jonah traveled to Israel, his mother's parting words to her son were "Have a good time but don't become Orthodox." Three months later he called his mother and said, "The Torah is the Word of God."
Not In My Name Not In My Name
A critical and controversial look at the North American political Jewish Left and their feelings on, and ideas for, the state of Israel. A Chutzpa Productions title from documentary filmmaker Igal Hecht, who also produced Qassam on the death of three pre-schoolers from the rockets fired at Sderot, Israel.
Olive Press Olive Press
West Bank Jews and Palestinians harvest olives each autumn, but the branches that used to symbolize peace are now used as a tool in the ongoing land conflict. This documentary film follows three people whose lives have been affected. (Hebrew with English subtitles)
Punch Me in the Stomach Punch Me in the Stomach
Multi-talented performer and writer Deb Filler stars in this adaptation of her autobiographical off-Broadway solo show on life as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Through accents and mannerisms, Filler transforms herself into character after character.
Second Watch Second Watch
An Israeli Reserve soldier on watch at a remote post meets an equally bored Jordanian soldier. A delightful encounter ensues in this comic Israeli short feature. (Hebrew with English subtitles)
Tevye Tevye
A true Yiddish classic and the inspiration for "Fiddler on the Roof," "Tevye the Milkman" is Maurice Schwartz's adaptation of the classic Sholom Aleichem novel. (Yiddish with English subtitles)

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