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What is Shalom TV?
Shalom TV is America's Jewish television cable network covering the panorama of Jewish life. The free service is now available in more than 40 million homes across the US and Canada.

How do I get Shalom TV?
Shalom TV is carried as a free Video On Demand network to all digital cable customers on participating providers such as Armstrong, Blue Ridge Communications, Bright House, Buckeye CableSystem, Comcast, Cox, MetroCast Cablevision, Optimum TV, RCN, Service Electric Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS.

Households with basic-only cable service should either upgrade to digital cable, or contact their local cable company and inquire about an On Demand converter box.

How do I access Shalom TV programs?
Many cable companies--including Comcast and Cox--have placed Shalom TV on Channel 1 (On Demand) in the "TV Networks" or "Faith & Values" category, or in a related on-screen folder.

Other operators assign a different dial position for the network. Optimum TV carries Shalom TV on channel 502 under "News & World," while Time Warner customers in NYC should visit channel 1012 "Entertainment On Demand." Verizon FiOS carries Shalom TV nationally on channel 900 under "Browse All: Free" then "People & Culture."

For a complete listing of Shalom TV dial position by cable company, please click here or visit our "Find Us" page.

Is Shalom TV a "religious network"?
No. Shalom TV is a mainstream cultural service addressing the entire spectrum of the Jewish community. It is independent of any specific Jewish movement or organization.

Who is Shalom TV?
Shalom TV is a company operated by individuals committed to Jewish life, the State of Israel, and the future of the Jewish people. The network's president and CEO, Rabbi Mark S. Golub, has been involved in Jewish media for 40 years and successfully created the first Russian-language channel for Jews from the former Soviet Union. The Shalom TV management team is composed of Jewish and television professionals.

Is Shalom TV only for those in the Jewish community?
Shalom TV is for everyone who wishes to learn more about Jewish life, Jewish tradition, Jewish culture, Jewish history, and the Holy Land of Israel.

Are any Shalom TV programs in Hebrew?
As a North American-based network, all Shalom TV programs are in English or contain English subtitles. Viewers desiring Hebrew telecasts can enjoy Israeli movies, which (though subtitled) are presented in their native language. Shalom TV also produces an original series for those wishing to learn and understand Hebrew.

What programs will I see on Shalom TV that I can't see on other networks?
Prior to Shalom TV's launch in 2006, there was no English-language cable television channel devoted to Jewish themes and the State of Israel. Now, cable subscribers are offered a myriad of programs celebrating Jewish culture and exploring issues that make Jewish life vibrant and exciting. For example:

  • On Shalom TV, individuals who enjoy Jewish film festivals can watch Jewish movies, Israeli films, and Yiddish classics. Shalom TV also airs Jewish theme feature films distributed by Sony pictures (e.g. Avalon, Garden of the Finzi Continis, Lies My Father Told Me, Me and the Colonel).
  • On Shalom TV, those interested in the State of Israel can watch English-language news from the Middle East with an Israeli perspective, as well as hear leading Jewish minds debate issues of importance to the Jewish state.
  • On Shalom TV, viewers hear brilliant Jewish personalities address world issues, as well as have a front-row seat at major Jewish activities, presentations, exhibitions, and performances. Several of these programs are from the famous 92nd Street Y in New York City.
  • On Shalom TV, anyone with a passion for learning can watch various programs on the Jewish tradition (from "Jewish 101" to a "Daf Yomi" study of Talmud), Kabbalah, Jewish history (with documentaries), Hebrew lessons, Jewish cooking, and other wonderful facets of Jewish life.
  • On Shalom TV, parents find children's programs that introduce young people to Jewish traditions, the Hebrew language, Jewish songs, and history of the Jewish people.
How often does Shalom TV programming change?
Every Sunday, Shalom TV programming is updated or "refreshed," resulting in virtually an entirely new programming lineup. Every show on the network has a written description of its content, along with an end date of its viewing cycle

What can I do if my cable provider does not carry Shalom TV?
If your cable company does not carry Shalom TV, you may wish to contact them and express your interest in having Jewish programming.  Most cable companies keep records of phone calls, e-mails, and letters regarding network requests, and these tallies are very important when a cable operator decides upon adding new networks. You are also welcome to fill out a Network Request Form.

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